Our talents here at Tribal Dragon Productions extend beyond the camera, with our main photographer, Matt, having played in bands for many years. During this time, Matt realised that trying to find professional photographers that knew what type of shots to take and when to get into the mix with a band was nearly impossible. 


Matt has since made sure that he gets those shots! So if you are in a band and would like a photographer that knows what it's like to be on stage, look no further. Matt can get you the shots you need for your website or your merchandise, maybe even that album cover you have been looking for! 


Contact us for more information about gig photography as we would love to have a chat with you about high-hats and whammy bars! Just to give you an idea of prices, we have put together a standard package for you to take a look at below.  

Rock Gods

If you are on a budget but want some high quality shots to show of your talents then this is the package for you.

What's included:

  • On stage session showcasing your performace

  • 5 digital pictures of your choice


All this for just £35 


So, you have made it! You are a legend! You of course want some backstage photos of you and your groupies! 

What's included:

  • Backstage and set up session

  • On stage performance session

  • After-party / post-performance session

  • 10 digital pictures of your choice

All this for just £100

We offer an editing service on your chosen images to include logos, banners, text or just a general brush up. If you require further images, you can purchase these separately. Contact us for more information and pricing by hopping on over to our contact page

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